Mommy Post: The first question you get asked when you tell people you don't know the sex of the baby is "What do you want a boy or girl?" (well maybe the second question, the first is always "Are you crazy?" lol). Up until now my answer has always been I just want a healthy baby. With six weeks left I have really been thinking about it and I came across this picture of my hubby. He is so stinking adorable. I see this little boys face and think man I know he was doing something mommy told him not to and it makes me laugh. If you know Ralphy then you know very well that he is mischievous, goofy and sometimes annoying but he has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met and he loves his mother to the moon and back. I am sure Little Ralphy and Micky shared many laughs as he grew into the man he is today. I am sure he kept her on her toes and made her laugh until she cried ( let's face it he has made most of us laugh until we cried). I can honestly say that if I am blessed with a baby boy I will be truly happy. Throughout this pregnancy I have never felt one way or the other but today I would love to have a little Carter Ramon in my arms. ( I know, I know everyone thinks it's a girl). Who knows I could have a little Ava Madison with daddy's personality and all I say to that is look out world. Lol. 20131031-113622.jpg


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