6 weeks are here i cant believe it, my little man is growing so fast. I have people telling me all the time that kid looks like hes 6 months.. I'm like No dont say that hes still my little infant. Its been  an amazing experience. We love him so much and are so thankful to God for him. below is a gallery of some of his pics from the last six weeks. some are actually not on instagram [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2413,2424,2411,2412,2410,2408,2407,2409,2405,2403,2404,2402,2401,2406,2379,2377,2400,2389,2390,2395,2373,2394,2374,2391,2421,2420,2419,2392,2422,2418,2416,2415,2417,2396,2384,2387,2386,2414,2423,2393,2385,2388,2375,2398,2397,2383,2382,2381,2380,2372"]