Hello all I didn't mean to abandon this page . Carter my monkey bear has grown so much since my last post on here. Its like hes doing so much growing in such a short amount of time. I know people say cherish the time while he's a baby because it goes fast but geez ! I cant keep up. In one week we saw his first two teeth , he started crawling , and standing. That week was terrifying for me, seeing him do all of that so quickly. I kept having flash forwards to high school graduation. Ha Ha! Next thing you know I'm going saying "No you can not borrow my car". But I am forever grateful for my little blessing. If you havent seen them on Facebook here are some pics to catch you up. lol I will try to keep with this if he lets me keep up with him :) 4 months CRUZ0778-2

5months CRUZ2718

6 monthsCRUZ9998-Edit

7 monthsCRUZ9636-2

7 1\2 monthsCRUZ0146-2