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Carters and Daddys 1st Trip to Tulsa Oklahoma

Day 1

I enjoyed my second time on a plane, I was very good and slept the entire way. We went to visit his Uncle Shawns food truck Tulsas Own Ribville as soon as we got off the plane. I loved the baked beans and potato salad and Daddy loved everything else. Daddy never had BBQ so good. We tried Mommys favorite BBQ Bologna, it was good.

Day 2

I got to meet Uncle Bubba and see my Great Granny again. Day 2 was fun we went to an interesting restaurant called Twin Peaks and took a walk at Woodland Hills Mall. Of course mommy had to try on all the hats she could find. Daddy got to visit House of Hoops.

Day 3

Mommy and Daddy went on a movie date at AMC Southroads 20 and I hung out with MiMi and Papa. I walked around the house so much I wore myself out. As you can see I was exhausted (so were MiMi and Papa). I got to meet my cousins T.T. and Gabe. Gabe was showing me the ropes, I learned how to open the front door even though I am not tall enough. We went to WalMart after our visit, they have an entire aisle dedicated to college football and I must decide OU or OSU. Decisions decisions. We were all exhausted after grocery shopping and MiMi's awesome dinner.

Day 4

I discovered the stairs on my first day and I went up and down as much as humanly possible. #KennedyChristinaMarie was born today so I had to make sure and give her a special shout out.

Daddy's favorite movie is Top Gun so we went to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum where they have the F14 Tomcat like the one that was used in the movie. I got to do the flight simulator with Mommy and it was fun. I pushed all the buttons. I may be a Pilot one day or an Astronaut. It's still up in the air.

After the museum my cousins Selena and Evan came over. Evan and I watched Hercules then we played a lot and Selena made me laugh so much. They are a lot of fun.

Day 5

Mimi made a huge breakfast Saturday morning and more family came over. I got to meet my Great Aunts and Uncles and even more cousins. (I have a lot of cousins).

There was lots of food, fun and laughter. Everyone picked me up and I loved it. Mommy has a really big family there are so many more people to meet.

Daddy and I had a lot of fun eating and hanging out. Can't wait to do it again!

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