I look at Carter and I can remember a time early 2013 I was talking to Christian about our future boy or girl. She asked me what do you think he or she is going to look like? I couldn't picture a girl but  My mind pictured a boy being one or two years old. He would have a fade maybe with a Yankee cap. But then he was born it was something totally different. I totally forgot he had to be an infant first.  He was still my little perfect baby but wasn't what the picture of my little man was yet. Months have gone by and he and his hair have grown. We love the wildness but eventually it got to a point where it was getting difficult to manage. People would say don't cut it don't do it. And I would agree but it got to the point where it was just out right crazy. So we decided to finally do his 1st haircut today at the spur of the moment. After all was said and done and the curls had been cute away I look at my little man and remembered the the picture in my head so long ago of  my son and question I was asked. although I'm going to miss those curls Im excited to see him grow so much..