Memories are preserved in photographs and tangible gifts we give as photographers. 

Beth and Eric are a young couple from the Midwest with 3 kids. This season of life their life hasn’t been an easy one, but they still know who to turn to in this storm.  Beth and Eric have come to terms and are no longer sadden by the situation because they knew Eric would one day be in paradise.

I didn’t get to spend as much time with this couple and their family but in short time I did, I learned that Eric was a tremendously loving father, husband and friend and was loved more than imaginable.

I’m honored to be a part of the Dream Foundation because telling stories through photographs, is an amazing way to celebrate life and horror our loved ones. If your able to  help with this foundation, it would be greatly appreciated I’ve seen how this foundation eases people worries, trust me I’ve been forever changed in my thinking. tomorrow is not promised.  If your unable to donate please pray for Eric and his family, the next few weeks will be difficult and a long healing process.