Rafael Ramon

Rafael Ramon Potraits

Hillsong Empires Tour 2016

I cant say enough about this day. Im still talking about it 6 days later. We were gifted the tickets from some good friends of ours and cant thank them enough. It was nothing short of amazing. I went into this concert only having been to secular concerts that were just o.k. So needless to say I wasn’t expecting too much from a Christian band. But was I wrong, really wrong. This Empires Tour  literally change my heart. It was a amazingly produced concert and the music was phenomenal. Rendcollective was the opening act and Hillsong United shut the place down. There were moments when you felt a personal closeness to God in the midst of thousands of people and we were all there to do the same thing. I have never have felt such an overwhelming presence in one place. I wanted to go back the next day!!  My favorite song was the Prince of Peace, the words are so life giving to those who battle anxiety or any non-life giving thoughts. . Pull it up on Youtube its worth listening and reading it. 

Unfortunately, I only own large DSLR’s and they weren't letting those in the doors.  So I only had My iPhone 5s. I was not able to get super close shots but the seats we had were amazing so I was able to make some pretty cool images. Overall im a new huge fan and I cant to see them again

If you were there I would love to see the images you took just post them on the comments below.