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Happy 40th Birthday

Monday June 15, 2015 Christian and I were so blessed to be sharing a milestone with a man that has poured so much into our lives and many others. Pastor Matt Keller turned 40 years young and we were celebrating by doing what he loves to do best and that’s being at a baseball game. Not any baseball game but a Tampa Bay Rays game. Although many of you know I’m a New York Yankee Fan but it gave me great pleasure to wear and cheer for the Rays for the night.

Pastor Matt is a visionary leader of Next Level Church  that brings the gospel to us in an everyday practical way. He shows his church that he believes in us and cares for us while leading us to serve and share the word with others. Christian and I were reflecting on the night  and realized that past churches we have been at we have never seen the pastor outside the pulpit let alone hang out with the guy. What a feeling to be recognized not as just another person filling the seats but a person pursuing God and a family member. We are so grateful for his love and leadership.  We pray over him in the new season and are truly thankful that we can help be a part of it. 

  • Things to know
  • Ask Patrick about the Skybridge
  • Cali like Turtles 
  • Sergio has a new tattoo 
  • Pam, Karen, Craig, Sergio  and I all survived the game. 
  • A Home-run is actually is a touch down  
  • Traffic is better with Starbucks
  • Pregnancy is scary

Scratch one off the bucket list Pastor Matt got to sing Take me out to the ball game in the 7th inning