This love story starts almost 4 years ago when Mitchell fell madly in love with the pretty girl singing on stage at her youth group. Fast forward a year and their long distance relationship begins. Throughout the years of on and off long distance, it's created a special connection where Bekah and Mitch feel like it's the first time they met, everyday they're together.
-- fast forward even more and Bekah's a little closer to this big surprise than she thought! The day starts with a hand written note awaiting Bekah along with a beautiful dress to wear for the day. The note takes her on a journey to the next, placed in memorable places and filled with so many little surprises. Shopping, manicures, lunch and finally she's brought to the crashing waves, gritty sand, and rustling palm trees with a long awaited question bundled up in a dream ring. Mitchell, waiting for his forever, gives Bekah the last letter and I think she got the hint that this is it. Their love story is still being written as they recently had a small wedding before Mitchell goes off to be apart of the Army.

" We are so excited to be able to experience life together in the same place and not being long distance. We love every season that comes our way because we get to do it together as a team. We are really looking forward to traveling, exploring, and enjoying our hobbies together while being best friends."

Location | Captiva Blind Pass Beach