The best love story always starts with 2 people unknowingly living in two separate states while God has already written their whole lives down together. Abner and Mimi first laid eyes on each other as a camp in the 'Sunshine State'. Abner accepted and found his number one love, Jesus Christ, at this camp, while gaining a new friend- Mimi. This friendship built from the bottom up for 3 years. Abner realized he wanted to pursue Mimi and asked God to intercede in their relationship. He knew she was the one he wanted to love and take in forever. As always, God favored Abner's faithfulness and has orchestrated the most beautiful love together.

This couple was so naturally in love, it was almost too easy capturing their love in these photos. This shoot easily turned into almost triple the time scheduled because we were all lost in their fairytale.

Abner and Mimi have love, joy, and happiness written all over their faces when they're together and I know their love story effortlessly writes on with every day.