The story goes .... Hamid's girlfriend Kristin was in a conference down in Naples FL. She was suppose to finish up there and catch a flight to Tallahassee Fl and drive with her friend to New Orleans. Something happen with her friend and had to push back the trip. This was Hamid's time to strike. He told me that his girlfriend is an event planner so trying any surprise in their home town would be impossible so now had to be the time. Hamid called me  and we set everything up and  met him at the airport . We talked for a while, you could tell he was nervous and excited I think i helped him calm his nerves a bit. We decided that we were going to shoot it in front of the great big windows at RSW. Hiding in the corners he saw a police officer and told him about what he was going to be doing. He ask the officer to walk her to the center. of RSW common area. She was surprised and shocked to see him as of 2 minutes before they were on the phone as if he was still in Maryland. And then ...well The rest well you'll see 

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